Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program

בואו לשמוע על השתתפות תלמידים משכבת י בפרויקט מיוחד באנגלית ליזמות וחדשנות חברתית, בשיתוף רשת עמל ושגרירות ארה”ב בישראל

מאת תמרה סדובה, רכזת לימודי אנגלית בחט”ע


The Amal Group presented wonderful opportunity to our10th graders to participate in the “Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation  Program” sponsored by the US Embassy Jerusalem.

The project started at the beginning of this school year.  For the past three months, our students have been learning the important tools for forming a successful startup, from a detail-oriented business plan to the effect colors have on marketing.

During this time, the students were divided into six teams. Each team had to come up with their own business product, decide what made it different (special) from other products, and understand what resources they needed to implement the solution: time, budget, employees, etc.

Before the in-class competition, students had to provide proof of the problem, finish their business plans, and consult with relevant persons (municipality, school, organizations, etc.). They created their online presence, marketing strategy, and built presentations, and they did it very well.

After 10 weeks of hard work, the teams participated in two days of in-class competitions. It was really difficult to choose the winner. But the jury had to make a decision. The “Teen Chat project” took the first place. Maria Radjabov, Elia Rotlevy, Hadar David, Shania Quinol, Daniela Yadgarov and Anastasia Skiba created an app for teenagers. The idea of this application is to share motivational quotes to help teens to cope with hardships such as depression, stress, loneliness, and more.  Furthermore, this program helps the young generation to chat with other teenagers and create a community with people who share the same struggles.

One of the main things we want to put in the app is motivational notifications. Once you download the app you will have a chance to peek at as many notifications as you want a week. You will also get to choose what kind of sentences to receive such as famous quotes, school, fitness, mental health, relationships and much more…” – our winners announce.

They have already created an Instagram account and they are also planning to open a Facebook forum in the near future.Of course, the students have a lot work ahead of them, for example, to get approval from the Ministry of Education,  which will definitely help with spreading the app. They will participate in an upcoming entrepreneurship competition later this month.

Thanks to the Amal Group and Keren Esther Guttman (a project manager), our10th graders got something really important, they made valuable strides which will help them in their future adult life. And we can only wish them: “Good Luck!”

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